Sunday, September 30, 2012

Table by Table Organizational Supply

The start to any school year can be overwhelming and with a switch to a new school, a new grade level, and a strike the second week of school this was certainly an interesting beginning of the year!

A new start for me meant that I got to rethink many of the procedures and organizational strategies I had used for the past few years. As I switched from second to third grade I wondered how I should handle school supplies. With my second graders I passed out scissors, glue, colored pencils, or markers each time they needed them. Would there be a way to save time with third graders?

I reached out to Brandi, from Really Good Stuff, who I met last year at the International Reading Association Conference. I wanted to know what she recommended for organization of supplies. She offered to have me review their Four Compartment Caddies. This way each table could have their supplies at the ready, rather than waiting for them to be passed out. Her one warning was that I might find the compartments to be a little small.

And guess what? The small compartments were my favorite part! Look at how nicely everything stands up in the compartments!

Because the compartments are smaller than in most caddies, it is really easy for my students find what they need and put the items away in the correct compartments. There is enough room to store scissors, glue, markers, regular pencils, and colored pencils!! One of my tables has even added erasers to the large compartment where they store their markers.

If there's ever a time I don't want my students to access these supplies, the handles on top make it super easy for a student to carry the supplies off to a shelf on the side of the room.

If you'd like your own set of Four Compartment Caddies with Handles (and you are a US Resident over the age of 18) you can enter my giveaway!

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Giveaway ends on October 7th at midnight! I will announce the (randomly selected) winner after that!


Allie said...

My favorite organizational tool is my neon plastic book baskets from Really Good Stuff. The colors help me code my library by genre. My library is organized so that all of my students know where to find each book and where to put it back. :)

Pabyrd2 said...
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Patty said...

I have an area designated as the student office. It has tape, stapler, sharpened pencils, paper clips, etc. All students who follow the simple posted rules about returning items, etc. have "office privileges".

tron292 said...

I love the various color and size buckets. I use them to coordinate with my small group instruction....yellow group uses the yellow buckets and so forth. Helps the little ones be more independent at work/center time. And Really Good Stuff baskets are soo sturdy.

Pabyrd2 said...

I use baskets like this for students. I also use book bins to organize items for me. I have one bin for each day of the week and place items to be used that day in bins.

Brian Hopkins said...

I follow your blog.


Brian Hopkins said...

My favorite organizational tool are the colored baskets by Really Good Stuff. Perfect to hold classroom books and you can put a sticker on the books that is the same color as the bin to get them put back in the right place.

Brian Hopkins said...

I follow you on Twitter.

Brian Hopkins said...

I follow Really Good Stuff on twitter.


D. Keller said...

My best organizational tool is my file box that has a hanging folder for each child. Work is filed in there each week to create a portfolio of selected work. We have a portfolio night in the spring and this enables me to easily choose work to share with parents.

J said...

I use the Really Good Stuff plastic book baskets to organize my library as well! A few other tips: I use a large file box with different colored hanging files to organize materials for each subject/activity throughout the day. I also keep a copy (and any extra copies) of materials that I find online etc. in binders that are organized by subject or topic.

sonflowergurl said...

following your blog

sonflowergurl said...

following you on twitter

sonflowergurl said...

following reallygoodstuff on twitter

sonflowergurl said...

As for classroom organization, I need lots of help! One of the things I've started this year is to give everyone a designated shelf spot for all of their books (since we have tables and not desks). I just tell them which book they need and call them by tables to get it and it's working great with my 1st graders!

Tiggs said...
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Tiggs said...

My favorite organizational tool is drawer carts. I have 3 in my room. I use one to keep a weeks worth of math, reading, writing, and grammar lessons ready to go at our small group stations; one is used to file graded and ungraded tests until the end of the grading period when they are sent home. I also use one to keep teacher supplies, such as, extra staples, post-its, tape, fasteners, batteries, etc.

I would love a set of these four compartment caddies for student table groups supplies.

Tiggs said...

Following your Blog.

Karyn said...

Thank you everyone for your advice!

Congratulations Tiggs! You are the winner! I have sent your e-mail address on to Brandi from Really Good Stuff and she will be in touch!


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