Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Third graders are poetic in their nature and I thought I should share a few poems my amazing third graders have written:

Plane by Josh

take me
to texas
all day
take me anywhere
take me anywhere
all day
i got a passport
so let me on
i'm going to
to see my grand ma

   A School Dog
                                                  By Sydney

                                              Marley is a fun dog
                                               a run dog
                                               a has to go again dog

                                              Marley is a sigh dog
                                                my dog
                                                a has to say good bye dog

                                               Marley is a hall dog
                                                 a ball dog
                                                 a bump into a wall dog

                                                Marley is a nook dog
                                                 a book dog
                                                 a take one more look dog
                                                 Marley is a stay dog
                                                 a play dog
                                                 a come another day dog

Egyptian Queen
By Elena
Cleopatra was her name,
Luring young men was her game.
Though the captain general's heart,
She was a lovely work of art.


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